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Investor's buy what works... and lenders are building an inventory you should watch...

Yesterday there were quite a few sales.  The lenders took back some at low prices that should have prompted bids.  These properties may not be your dream homes, but they could be part of your rental portfolio... that pays for your dreams to come true.  Make an offer on any of these REO's...

2BR/1BA Condo at 4700 Clair Del Ave. #500 in Long Beach..  Comps at $251,000.00.... Sold to lender at $87,065.00

2BR/1BA Starter Home at 8221 Wilbarn St. in Paramount..  Comps at $239,000.00... Sold to lender at $143,000.00

2BR/1BA Starter Home at 14403 S. Loness Ave. Comps at $199,000.00.... Sold to lender at $109,900.00

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