"I've been a subscriber of County Records Research for well over 15 years. What sets their list apart is showing what position the foreclosing trust deed is in. That saves a lot of time! Their information is accurate and they respond quickly to questions. I think they have the best information in Southern California."

Bruce Norris,The Norris Group

Since the the "Great Recession" began in 2007 I have been fascinated with opportunities that are available in the real estate market, especially in Vegas where it remains ground zero for real estate de-valuations and property foreclosures. I watched my neighbors and some close friends who had their home valuations drop by 40-80%, and this is no lie.  In 2006 my neighbor had a chance to sell his house for $900,000.00 in cash and turned it down because he wanted 1 million.  Today that neighbor rents a small 2 bedroom house from a friend and his house may fetch $300,000.00.  Ouchhhhh. I did not have available cash until recently and now I want to invest in some real estate, and I need a great tool to assist me.  That is why I turned to County Records Research.  I looked at all the products out there and I can tell you that my research kept landing me right back at CRR.  Nothing on the web compares to their product and their tutorials and information is priceless. I have learned so much and am excited to get started in making some informed real estate investment offers to purchase.  I am going to find some investments that look appealing and go in with a lot of information at my fingertips thanks to the helpful tools provided by CRR. I realize the bottom of the market has passed me by, but not by much!; There are currently thousands of houses in the foreclosure process in the Las Vegas valley, this is according to my associates in the real estate industry, and I am going to research those properties with  my new tools at countyrecordssearch.  I will then make some educated investment offers and look forward to high single digit annualized returns.   I hope to report back in 6 months with my results.

Matt Klabacka

"County Records Research has been instrumental in almost every successful transaction that we've had for the past six years. Both Kurt and Bob are always there not only to answer questions that we have but to help guide you every step of the way. Recently I was made aware of an up and coming trustee sale with an opening bid of less than $20,000. I arrived at the sale and no one was there but me so I bid $1 over the opening bid amount and successful won the bid with no problems. The property had no existing loans and a significant amount of equity so this was the ultimate success story. I researched the property before I called County Records Research but appreciated the fact that Bob doubled the property on his end and validated what I originally found. I highly recommend County Records Research when you're attempting to purchase property at the courthouse steps.

Howard & Melissa

"As Chairman of the Commonwealth of Orange County, I am aware of many purchases made by members of the Commonwealth. Sometimes a person's financial situation may change because of unforeseen situations in their life. Loss of income by one or more of the property owners may occur for a multiple of reasons. Some of our members have been able to assist those people to solve their situation. Our members firmly believe and subscribe to County Records Research so they are aware when someone is in need of their assistance. County Records Research data is a very valuable tool for the Real Estate Investor. They provide outstanding education and assistance. I have personally found County Records Research to be very useful and informative."
Jack Fullerton, Chairman, Commonwealth of Orange County

Before I started the foreclosure business in September, I had tried couple listing service companies, and found that CountyRecordsResearch is very user friendly. It's much easier and accurate to find the listing properties. Especially the experienced staff is very knowledgeable, and patient to answer all questions. I have been very successfully purchased several properties by using County Records Research in a month, and will continue buying more and more
Roger Lin-Palladio Properties LLC

See what customers are saying about CRR's Trustee Sale Bidding Service:

Feels great that on 29 July, County Records Research netted me $99k (or 14% off the appraised value) with a "Congratulations, you won." And all for $2,900 professional bid fee and seven months' worth of $89/month subscription? I'll take that!!!


County Records Research's bidding service improves investors' efficiency. In fact, it improves it so well that it allows people like me to invest in foreclosed properties without a partner. When I started investing in foreclosed properties, I spent days on courthouse steps waiting for auctions that were all too often postponed. Those were days I did not spend vetting new properties and studying my exposure to risk. Given that only a small percentage of the properties I look at are sold to 3rd party bidders, and that I need to vet a large number of properties before winning a bid, I could not afford the time I spent at the auctions. CRR's bidding service freed me from the auction time-drain. It has been vital to my business. I am sure that larger investor groups must benefit from the efficiency of CRR's bidding service as well. I endorse their service all the more gladly that it is fairly priced, and that the CRR team is both pleasant and responsive.

Nathalie J. Blume, Fulica LLC